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10 Reasons Residents Love Starling at San Jose

At Starling in San Jose, we pride ourselves in providing our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents with the best possible lifestyle. If you’re looking for Assisted Living or Memory Care in the Jacksonville area, we’d love to talk with you about Starling at San Jose. There are so many reasons why both the residents and staff love our community. Here are our Top 10!

  1. At Starling at San Jose, we have a person-centered care approach. We know that all treatments don’t work for every resident, so we ensure that each resident gets the treatment best suited for them.
  2. Our residents always have something to do. The activity leaders at Starling at San Jose create fun and engaging activities for the residents. The activities are varied enough to keep the residents interested. There is truly something for everyone!
  3. Our caregivers are committed to taking the best care of the residents. They genuinely care about the residents and their well-being. They will do everything to guarantee the residents’ comfort.
  4. Residents love our apartment-style living environment. The residents have their pick of different apartment floor plans with enough room to be comfortable. From studios to two-bedrooms, there’s an option for everyone!
  5. Our caregivers love their residents! The loving residents make our caregivers’ jobs so much easier. Our caregivers feel like family rather than just employees because the residents trust them with their care.
  6. Our chefs provide a plethora of dining options for our residents. The residents have a lot to choose from on Starling at San Jose’s menu. Eating together is something they enjoy, as it gives them the feeling of dining out.
  7. Starling at San Jose always looks its best. The groundskeepers do an excellent job of keeping the grounds well-manicured. All of the plant life is well taken care of and perfectly trimmed.
  8. The Starling at San Jose management team is a well-oiled machine. Our management team is a tenured group that has always kept Starling at San Jose running smoothly. They are dedicated to maintaining the community’s success.
  9. Starling is a locally owned business. Starling’s local ownership allows them to put their residents and employees first. They know the area and prioritize everyone’s comfort.
  10. Transportation is available to all the residents. If our residents need to leave for something, we ensure that they have the means to get to their destination.

**WATCH: 10 Reasons Residents Love Starling at San Jose**

As you can see, there are so many reasons why Starling at San Jose is the perfect place for you and your loved ones. If you’re interested in learning more about our facilities, we’d love to take you on a personalized 1-on-1 tour. CLICK HERE to schedule the tour!

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