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"This is a family," resident says about Starling at San Jose

At Starling at San Jose, resident Dana Levine is looking forward to the holidays.

"We celebrate Hanukkah. They always have a wonderful Hanukkah display here, and I enjoy Christmas here. It’s just beautiful. And my family will be coming to several of the family dinners here."

This year, like in years past, Dana realizes there's a lot to be thankful for.

"What I enjoy most is being around my friends and family here. This is a family."

Dana enjoys Starling at the holidays, and looks forward to the season every year.

"I love being here. I love the staff. I love everybody here. I love the employees. And I love the residents. And we have a wonderful time," she said. "They have many wonderful activities for us. I play Bridge. We play Rummikub. We have lots of art projects: Book club. Friday afternoon entertainment. And they try very hard to keep us busy with different activities, they really do."