Lucy Dixon promoted at Starling Living

Lucy Dixon Promoted to New 'VP of People and Culture' Role

Starling is proud to announce the promotion of Lucy Dixon to vice president of people and culture, a new role at the senior living company focused on employee engagement and well-being.

"Our organization is driven by people," said Starling Chief Operating Officer Megan Kennedy. "Lucy has helped us to create a workplace where our team members feel valued and appreciated. She's a true, inspirational leader, and has focused on keeping our employees engaged."

Since 2022, Lucy has served as Starling's regional memory care director.

"I think the title of People and Culture is so fitting because I make sure that all of the team members feel welcomed," she said. "I make sure that they are well-trained. I make sure that they understand the job description and I make sure they understand that we’re here for them."

Lucy explains why it's important to lead a dynamic, yet compassionate team.

"We’re here as an ear - an open ear to listen to whatever is going on in your life, to vent to, to confide in. That means we have to be here for our team members so they’re here for our residents."

Lucy understands why engaged and appreciated employees translate positively to the residents, making them feel like they live in a place that's welcoming for all.

"Happier team members always create happier families, happier residents," she said.

Starling recognizes how Lucy has helped transform their workforce, jumping in and taking the reins to foster an enjoyable workplace.

"Lucy is exceptionally great at spirit weeks, team building and boosting morale in all the communities," Kennedy said. "She handles situations promptly, and with compassion, but is still fair, firm and consistent. She's 100% 'Team Starling' in all interactions, and always exhibits our Core Values. She pushes others to do the same, too."


"We have exceptional people here, and this promotion allows me to highlight all the best in Starling on a daily basis," Lucy said.

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