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Starling Names New Regional Memory Care Director

Lucy Dixon has been with Starling for a mere eight months, but has already made a world of difference.

Starling recently promoted Lucy to Regional Memory Care Director, a responsibility she doesn't take lightly.

"The person has to have passion for what they do for the resident," she said. "So, taking time to actually try and figure out what's going on with that person, knowing the resident, knowing their life story, knowing what they used to do, their favorite food. And trying to figure out how to tailor their care to that person."

Lucy enjoys her team, the residents and the challenges that come with her position.

"It's the joy of the job because I enjoy trying to figure out what puzzle piece to put here, what to do there," Lucy said. "Or how can I better a resident's care."

Every resident is different, with different needs, and Lucy understands her number one priority is making sure they each receive the highest quality care.

"I think that's the main thing we offer - that neighborhood, home-like family for anyone who's coming in," Lucy said.

Lucy credits Starling with allowing her to provide top-notch care - all while working in an enjoyable and friendly environment.

"I believe that Starling cares about the person, so I know my company cares about me as a person," she said.