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Memory care is a dedicated service tailored for individuals grappling with memory-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. It offers a nurturing and secure setting where residents can access the necessary support.

At Starling, we provide a luxurious apartment-style living experience for memory care residents. Our expansive common areas are designed to offer ample space and a host of amenities and activities, creating an open environment that doesn’t feel confined.

Our memory care program includes a variety of activities aimed at enhancing cognitive function and memory retention. Residents can engage in puzzles, memory exercises, music therapy, new hobbies, group excursions, and live entertainment. We also establish daily routines to instill structure and a sense of familiarity, which is crucial for those with memory impairments. Consistent meal and sleep schedules help maintain independence and contribute to overall well-being, minimizing the potential for confusion or distress due to routine changes.

Deciding when to seek memory care is a challenging decision for families. Indicators such as persistent forgetfulness, disorientation, difficulty with daily tasks, or safety concerns like wandering may signal the need for specialized care. Conditions like Sundowners Syndrome, which can cause increased agitation and confusion in the evenings, further underscore the importance of a secure environment with professional caregivers. At Starling, we extend our care beyond our residents, offering open communication and support to their families as they navigate the emotional challenges associated with dementia’s progression.

Starling is committed to providing compassionate care and expert management for the distinct needs of individuals with memory challenges. By fostering a safe and secure environment with personalized activities, we aim to improve the quality of life for our residents and their families. We pride ourselves on offering the pinnacle of luxury living, emphasizing an active and engaging lifestyle. We invite you to visit our memory care residences to see how we can help your loved one maintain as much independence and comfort as possible during this challenging phase of life.