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'We are Very Grateful' for Starling Community, Daughter Says

Neil Maslen enjoys life at Starling at Nocatee Assisted Living and Memory Care.

"He was one of the very first residents," said daughter Erica Moore. "So we’re talking about six, almost seven years ago he’s been here."

The best part? For Neil, it's those around him!

"Oh the people," he said. "It’s just being alone versus this. No question being with people. Many people. More friends than I ever had!"

As Father's Day approaches, Erica is thankful her dad is surrounded by love.

"You ask him, would he want to be anywhere else ... no way!" Erica said. "He may have been hesitant in the beginning, but as he just stated, he has made so many friends."

Neil couldn't agree more.

"It has not been an unhappy time. It has been a very good time," he said.

Erica shares the feeling.

"He has been really, really fortunate. We are very grateful, like I said, to the community that Starling has generated for my dad and for others. I’m very, very appreciative of the staff, and whenever I’ve had any kind of issue or concern or whatever, they are spot on. And I appreciate them for that immensely," Erica said.

And one more thing stands out.

"I told my mom before she died, I told her, listen, I’ll take care of him," Erica said. "I feel I have done that - and Starling has done that as well."