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'They Took Care of Him," Daughter Says of Dad After Mom's Passing

Daughter Vicki Cupp knows her dad, Daniel, is in the perfect place.

"They’re beautiful facilities," Vicki says about The Grove at Canopy in Tallahassee, where her dad lives. "Walking around and just talking to the staff - and looking at the residents and how happy they are - it’s not only what is aesthetically nice and how nice the outside looks, but how it feels."

On her regular visits, Vicki takes in the tranquility of the community.

"Anytime you’re in this community, it just really feels like a home. They make the family members feel like it’s their home when they come to visit the residents. It’s just the feeling you get, and my mom and dad felt it from the first time they visited," she said.

One aspect of her dad's life at Starling stands out for Vicki, and she treasures it immensley.

"What’s even better is how they took care of him after [my mom] passed away. That’s important. And they surrounded him, and they still surround him, and it means a lot to a family," she said.