The Benefits of Choosing Independent Living

A good way to think of independent living for senior adults is having the freedom and convenience to put your time to better use.

Independent living comes with all the amenities and luxury of an all-inclusive vacation. For those 55-and-older who chose this lifestyle, they’re able to say goodbye to many of the chores and responsibilities that previously took up so many hours.

If you become a resident in an upscale independent living community, the days of going in circles cutting grass, changing light bulbs, cooking dinner and doing laundry will all be a thing of the past.

Tasks such as washing clothes, cleaning floors, vacuuming and routine maintenance will no longer cut into your precious time when you could be making new friends with people in the same age bracket who also have similar interests.

Instead of preparing meals, you could be playing cards, taking in happy hour, working on your golf game and – for the ladies – treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure.

Independent living, like what is offer with Starling’s three senior-living communities, allows you to check out of the routines that consumed so much time when working and raising a family. Instead, you can focus on your own interests in a safe and friendly environment.

People who live in the senior-living community don’t have to worry about their bill for the month adding up with every service provided. Everything is included. All the tools to live a vibrant life are at your fingertips.

Nobody says that a nice independent community is inexpensive. However, it does take the guesswork out of doing your budget. Many find that the cost of making the move is reasonable to what they can afford.

Seniors have worked hard all their lives. Now, it’s time kick back and enjoy having the staff at your new community handle the mundane, day-to-day tasks that were always a part of life.

When in a senior-living community, many of the tasks staff will become responsible for are also things that become challenging for older adults to accomplish.

When the transition to an independent or assisted living community is complete, your parent will no longer be responsible for maintaining their property.

Deciding that independent living is the right move makes it easier to make new friends and take in a wide-range of activities, not only at their new residence, but also out in public. Independent living communities take care of the planning with trips to sporting events, parks, art museums and other local landmarks.

Independent living puts an emphasis on keeping seniors happy and healthy. Regular socialization and outings help older adults stave off anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s disease, among other cognitive impairments.

Older people who have something to look forward to every day, like a quality independent living community can provide, will make it possible to live many more happy years.

Gone will be the days of starring at a television and looking out the windows. Instead, these senior adults have a full calendar of daily activities to keep them moving and engaged.

More recent research on the science of aging also place a premium on improved physical fitness. Today, senior adults can benefit greatly from stretching and meditation that comes with yoga, or regular exercise classes.

If you decide that independent living is the best next step, it can provide a great sense of security for family members, knowing that their parent can be checked in on every day.

Dining options are one of the biggest advantages of independent living, knowing that a wide variety of healthy and nutritious meals will be provided without having to spend hours laboring in the kitchen with preparation and the time it takes to clean afterward.

Independent living also allows residents to relax, knowing that any unexpected problems like a leaking sink, clogged drain or issues with air conditioning will be handled without having to dig even deeper into your savings.

If transportation is an issue, residents are assured safe rides to the grocery store, doctor appointments and group outings, among many other things.

Senior citizens who jump into the independent-living community lifestyle can also be happier as a result of more free time to explore personal interests and hobbies.

For many, moving into a senior-living community at 55 may sound premature. And for healthy adults, it probably is.

However, making the transition to a trusted and properly vetted independent living community when in sound mind and body will greatly reduce the stress and anxiety that a sudden move to a new home might produce.

Starling offers three independent living properties. Make sure you check out The Grove at Canopy in Tallahassee, FL and Nocatee Independent Living in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. We also have The Parkview Memphis in Memphis, TN which is located in the heart of the bustling city!