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At Starling at Ponte Vedra, the safety and well-being of our community members are paramount. The spirit of unity is our community’s cornerstone, fostering a secure and supportive atmosphere.

The Power of Community:

  • Residents at Starling cherish the companionship that comes with community living, offering a sense of security and support in everyday activities and social outings.

  • The bonds formed here are extraordinary, with residents caring deeply for one another, cultivating a nurturing environment where everyone is valued.

The Role of Companions:

  • Our companions, often nurses or trained professionals, are pivotal in safeguarding the comfort and safety of our residents.

  • They extend the concept of mutual care by forming deep, family-like connections with residents, going beyond simple acquaintanceship.

  • Whether it’s assistance with daily routines or medical support, our staff prioritizes dignity and independence in their approach.

A Community of Caring:

  • Starling at Ponte Vedra is a testament to the strength derived from caring friends and companions.

  • These relationships offer residents a comforting sense of security and belonging.

  • The active lifestyle at Starling naturally leads to new friendships, but it’s the deep connections and neighborly affection between staff and residents that truly define our luxury living experience.

Experience the warmth and exceptional care at Starling at Ponte Vedra. We invite you to schedule a family tour of our residences and discover the amenities that make our community a haven of luxury and camaraderie.