Cases of COVID-19 continue to rise around the country and the virus has created new challenges for everyone. All of the caregivers at Starling are continuing to adapt, providing the best care. The health of the residents is the top priority of the entire staff. Their goal is to make sure everyone is safe, while they enjoy the luxurious Starling communities and all of the wonderful amenities.

The staff at Starling treat the residents like members of their own family. Chris Ingold, the Executive Director of Starling at San Jose says they follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines. One change quickly implemented was ending communal dining. “I tell you it takes a village…it is a huge undertaking when we deliver meals three times a day, to make sure they are hot, they are fresh, and the whole staff participates,” explains Chris.

Plus, the caregiver’s dedication to keeping the residents healthy doesn’t stop there. “We take them to their doctors appointments. I actually give them an N95 mask to wear versus the masks that we just have in the building. So they are well protected when they have to go out.” Chris knows it is also important to keep all the residents happy and enjoying the company of others, so they make sure to plan socially distanced activities. “The staff really loves our residents and the residents love them. We try to build more of a home atmosphere. It's just not a job, it is something that we love to do.”

The residents explain they’ve watched closely as the staff follows the guidelines during this pandemic. “We have to wear masks all the time,” says Karen Sirmans. “We have to do it for each other's safety and for our own health.” Karen says she’s seen the caregivers at Starling adjust their safety protocols as the COVID-19 situation evolves. “Anything that comes along with changes to this, she (Executive Director Chris Ingold) is right on the money with it.”

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