Starling Chef's Love for Cooking Extends to His Small Seasonings Business

Kevin Rasberry knows it's important to put your heart and soul into what you make in the kitchen. As executive chef at The Grove at Trelago, he always strives to make a memorable meal for the community's residents. That desire continues when he's off the clock, but in a much different way.

For more than a year, Kevin has operated Momma Jean's Seasonings, a small business that provides all sorts of seasonings to spice up everyday meals.

"It’s named after my mom," Kevin says. "My mom is kinda the reason I got into cooking and culinary school."

While he loves being in the kitchen and whipping up new concoctions, Kevin never imagined he'd be a small business owner.

"This never was my intention to start my own business. But with culinary school and working in various kitchens, we’d just create seasonings for ourselves to throw on particular foods," he said. "Over time, friends and family said, 'hey, you should put this out! You should put this out!' I was like 'nah, I just do this for the love.' Then one thing led to another and now we’re here today!"

When Kevin began experimenting, he started with a dozen seasonings. Now, his company sells at least 24 - and more are coming! He hopes to have seven new flavors ready by summer 2023.

"Certain ones I’ve come up with by messing up. For example, I have a sweet onion and garlic season. That one came about by accident," he said.

Kevin said he has a current favorite: Zesty Ranch seasoning.

He began using his seasonings at The Grove at Trelago months ago, and other Starling communities will soon use his seasonings as well.

"They love it. They love it, especially when I did the Sweet Onion and Garlic," he said of the residents. "They were like, 'we’ve never had this before!' Literally everyone was raving about it. Another example - I have a rib seasoning called Boss Hog. I used that one last week. And literally everyone said these ribs taste so good," he said.


Kevin said his seasonings are perfectly well-balanced and aren't required to be mixed with anything else.

He hopes they catch on - to spread his love for cooking from Starling's kitchens and bistros - to homes all over Florida and beyond.

"I just want to make a difference across the world. Just change everyone’s perception and try something different," Kevin says.

What's most noticeable: Kevin named his businesses after his mother - and now it has new meaning.

"My mom is currently battling Multiple Sclerosis, so my goal is to make this company successful enough to where I can help donate money to the research for finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis."

To learn more about Momma Jean's Seasonings, click HERE.