Starling at Nocatee Independent Resident: 'I'm Glad I Made the Move!'

Dorothy Heider and her family relished the holidays.

"My husband always had big traditions. Every Christmas Eve, I had six children, so they all had a candle and we’d march down the stairs with the candle and he would sing Holy Night. And the youngest one carried the baby Jesus."

Life has changed for Dorothy, but she's making memories at Starling at Nocatee Independent Living.

"I was never much at cooking, keeping up with the house, I had all these children, had a lot of these workers," she said. "So the fact it’s all being done for me [at Starling], it’s convenient. Even the shopping. They take you to doctors. You don’t have any responsibility for all those things!"

With virtually no responsibilities, Dorothy enjoys each and every day at Starling.

"I think this is nicer when you’re in the same building. There’s a lot of socializing. You get to know the people on your floor, and things like that. So I’m glad I made the move," she said.