Resident Talks About Why She Loves Living At Starling At San Jose

WATCH THE STORY HERE: https://youtu.be/UgRVLMlF1b4

Dana Levine and her husband are assisted living residents at Starling at San Jose. She recently sat down for an interview, to share her experience living in the community. Dana spoke about the beautiful grounds, the fun activities that she participates in with her friends, and the wonderful food she enjoys everyday. However, she wanted to make sure to share a story about the care she receives at Starling at San Jose.

Dana says after a recent doctor appointment she came back home to Starling at San Jose. She wasn’t feeling very well and during dinner in her room with her husband, who has memory loss, she felt the urgent need to lie down. She says the caregiver came in to check on them and saw that Dana was asleep and her husband needed assistance. Dana says that’s when the caregiver immediately helped her husband get ready for bed and she began cleaning up dinner. Dana heard the caregiver as she was tidying up the room and Dana said, “I didn’t even know you were here.” The caregiver replied, “well, you needed me.”

Dana says that’s the best part about Starling at San Jose; the entire staff is caring, friendly, and they all work hard to keep them engaged during these difficult times. She says she knew Mother’s Day would be difficult this year, because she would have to keep a safe distance from her family during this global pandemic. However, the Starling at San Jose staff organized a wonderful car parade. The families decorated their vehicles and drove through the parking lot to see the residents. Dana says, “that just made everything okay, to see our children and all of us laughing.”

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