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Nancy Cross Named 'Employee of the Year' 2 Years in a Row

Nancy Cross is responsible for precious cargo each and every day: the residents of Starling at Nocatee Independent Living.

For several years, Nancy has played an integral role as the community's driver, taking residents to appointments, on shopping trips and out for rides to see Nocatee and the surrounding areas.

"We have wonderful residents here," she said. "They like to share their life stories. I get to share a little bit of mine. You do form that friendship with them as well because you're in a vehicle, sometimes in the car for a couple of hours. There's a lot to talk about and you get to know them pretty well."

Nancy's impact on the community and on Starling is huge. So huge, she has been named Starling at Nocatee Independent Living's 'Employee of the Year' twice - in 2021 and 2022.

"I think you have to enjoy what you're doing, I think that's number one," Nancy said. "You have to enjoy where you're working, enjoy what you're doing. You have to be reliable. You have to be concerned about other people. Sometimes put other people's needs before yours," she explained.

For Nancy, it's an honor and privilege.

"I love being at Starling, I love the residents, my co-workers. I always say I don't feel like I'm coming to work, I'm coming to see friends and family," she said.

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