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Mother's Day: Mom Treated Like A Queen Every Day

Dorothy Heider acknowledges she gets the "royal treatment" at Starling at Nocatee Independent Living.

"This is like an oasis of beauty," she said.

She moved in shortly after it opened in 2019, and has enjoyed every moment.

"It's a wonderful group of people and it's a wonderful staff," she said. "An excellent group of people. They have activities going every day. There's either bingo or some sort of outdoor entertainment on the patio. So, it's much more than an apartment kind of complex," she said.

Dorothy also raved about the food at the community.

"The restaurant serves excellent food, I think!" she said enthusiastically.

Dorothy's daughter, Beth Loper, agrees that her mother is treated like a Queen.

"That's what impresses me a lot when I come here. I'll say, 'I'm here to see my mom, Dorothy.' And they're like, 'We love your mother!' And they all know her. Everybody knows all the residents here. They know your family," Beth said.

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Mom and daughter look forward to Mother's Day, and cherish all the times they have spent together over the years.

"It has special meaning now, especially that mom is near me. For a long time we were not in the same city. Now we have chances to reminisce. We sit and talk about the old days and memories we had and sharing new ones," Beth said.

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