Mother's Day: Mom Feels Loved Every Day Of The Year

Fran Sandon’s mother, Mary Visconti, lives at The Grove at Canopy in Tallahassee.

As Mother’s Day nears, Fran said her mom is not only loved by her family, but the entire staff at the community. She reflected on the day her mother moved in, shortly after The Grove at Canopy opened.

“Whenever you open something new, we’re all learning at the same time. All the staff was new. All the residents were new. All the families were new. And I will say, we had their personal cell phones. If we had trouble and my mom would be upset or worried about something, I’d call someone on the phone and they’d go down to her room and FaceTime me,” Fran said.


The COVID-19 crisis proved difficult for many, but Fran said the staff at the community excelled as they faced something they had never experienced before.

“They did a really good job at taking care of our mother during the pandemic and we could not be happier with that choice,” she said.

As Mother’s Day nears, and the woes of the pandemic lessen, Fran is looking forward to visiting her mom more often.

“I feel like we were very, very fortunate that my mother was at the Grove,” she said. “And Mother’s Day is one day right, but my mother is there every day.”

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