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Mom and Son Enjoy Regular Visits, Time Reminiscing

Dorothy Gabrielian can't say enough good things about her time at Starling at Nocatee Independent Living.

"It's been wonderful," she said. "I'm having a wonderful time. It's great."

She points to several aspects of the community that stand out and make living at Starling at Nocatee a joy.

"That pool - that was a big draw. I love the staff. They're wonderful. I love the kids who wait on us. They know our names. I don't know how they do it because there are so many people here, but they're great! I love the activities. So many things to do," she said.

Dorothy's son, Mark Kennedy, takes solace knowing his mom is in a secure place with all the amenities she needs right at her fingertips.

"It's important to feel comfortable that she's in a place where she's being cared for, where there's activities, stuff to do," he said. "She obviously has a great social life. I'll call her to do things sometimes and she already has plans. I know they watch out for her. The staff does and the residents do themselves. So it's very comforting."

While Mother's Day 2022 has passed, Dorothy and Mark recently reflect on their time as mom and son, and how they have enjoyed family time over the years.

"In my youth, mom was great. She was a wonderful mother. She carted me around even though she didn't really like to drive that much," he said. "She imparted some great common sense and wisdom, and actually helped me buy my first car."

These days, Dorothy and Mark live just 20 minutes from each other - and the two visit often.

"Since she moved here a couple of years ago, we see each other every week and it's great," Mark said. "Me and my siblings have been very happy that she's here. It's important that she feels comfortable and she's happy, and there's the added benefit we get to see each other more frequently now as well."