Marcia Haughton works in memory care because she loves caring for people. “I have seen the need and it gives me joy to see the smile on their faces.” Marcia says the management staff at The Grove at Canopy lead by example, “It gives me that desire to work here,” explains Marcia. “It is a joy and a privilege for me to work here at The Grove.”

Marcia has worked with seniors for over 15 years and she knows working in memory care requires a lot of patience, nurturing, and a kind heart. “You have to have the desire to work for people in this need,” says Marcia, “because everyone has a different need and you have to approach every patient differently.” She knows her work is appreciated when the residents show their sincere gratitude and simply say God bless you. Marcia loves the community at The Grove at Canopy, because the staff has created an experience for the residents that she’s never seen before. “It’s really a family and we are bonded.”

Marcia walks into work everyday with a goal in mind: to make sure the residents are happy and well cared for. “If someone looks like they are not happy, I try and go the extra mile,” Marcia explains. “I ask, what can we do to make your day be better? What can I do to make you have a happy moment?” She says the global pandemic has created new challenges, and she takes extreme precautions when it comes to the residents safety. “You have to make sure you live your life, knowing that you are living someone else's life too. So you have to care for yourself first, so that you can care for others.”

Marcia states, no matter how challenging the work may be she strives to bring the residents joy. “I love to see my residents smile! If I have to dance with them, I dance with them. I play bingo with them or a card game. I make sure no one is left behind.” She says the residents at The Grove at Canopy are loved, just as if you were living in your own home. “This is a home away from home,” describes Marcia. “When the families come to visit they will see that their loved ones have been cared for 100% and if we could give more than 100%, it would be a joy to give.”