Meet Starling at San Jose's new Executive Director Danielle Ashby

WATCH THE STORY HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V2Y0tmoB8I

Starling at San Jose has a new Executive Director who is passionate about improving the lives of seniors. Danielle Ashby started working with seniors right out of college as a recreational therapist and that’s when she fell in love with her work.

Danielle explains she knew right away that Starling at San Jose was a perfect fit. “From my very first interview I just loved the people here,” says Danielle, “and then coming into the building, the culture here is amazing. I have the greatest team that I could ask for.”

Danielle brings 15 years of experience to her new position at Starling at San Jose. She believes the best way to grow a strong relationship with the residents is to form a solid foundation of trust. “The team is built on helping each other, “says Danielle, “and building that trust with the residents.”

The entire Starling at San Jose staff prides themselves with creating a community that feels like home. Danielle agrees, “It’s like hanging out with your family member all day long. It’s great we get to know them and their personalities and their likes, their habits and their history. Truly understanding their history truly helps us to understand them, to meet their needs now.”

Danielle says she is excited for what’s to come at Starling at San Jose, “The team really has a passion for the residents that they care for and that’s what made me fall in love with Starling and that’s why I’m here.”

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