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As the festive season unfolds, the significance of family shines even brighter.

While the friendships nurtured in assisted living communities are cherished, they simply cannot substitute the deep-rooted ties and warmth that only family can provide.

At Starling, we deeply value the irreplaceable role of family and joyfully invite them to join in our celebrations. Please inform us of your visit in advance, so we can ensure you and your loved ones are fully immersed in our festive activities.

The holiday season is a cherished time for family gatherings, where meals are shared, memories are made, and traditions are honored. For our ALF residents and those in memory care, the company of family during these moments is a source of great happiness and solace. Our commitment to family involvement is a cornerstone of our community.

Family visits enrich the lives of our ALF residents and their relatives alike, offering a chance to reinforce bonds, express love and care, and create enduring memories. The presence of family members can elevate spirits and foster a sense of belonging, particularly during the holidays. At Starling, we cherish these family ties and invite you to help us craft a cozy, celebratory environment that honors diverse customs and preferences.

Family is the heart of our existence, providing essential emotional support for our residents. As the holiday season approaches, we eagerly anticipate welcoming families to Starling, where we’ll unite in a celebration filled with love, joy, and togetherness. Reach out to us to book a private fine dining room, where your family can come together and bask in the holiday cheer.