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How often should you visit your elderly parents?

When a parent goes into senior or assisted living, their child often wonders how often they should visit mom or dad.

It's an important question in order to maintain a strong bond between parent and child. Life and social commitments can get in the way, making weekly visits difficult.

Most experts have differing opinions.

Some agree that weekly visits are important, but that often depends on how close parent-child live from one another.

Others think monthly or bi-yearly visits suffice.

At Starling, we understand it simply boils down to the bond and the ease at which visits can happen.

A 2021 New York Times article on visiting your aging parents suggests bringing a to-do list to the visits.

"During quarantine, medical, financial and household issues may have cropped up. Preparing before your visit can ease tensions and get to what you really want — a joyful visit," the article says.

It's also good to plan things to do when visiting parents. Perhaps a stroll around the community or a visit to a local coffee shop can make the visit enjoyable for all.