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How Do You Know It's Time To Move To Assisted Living?

It's a tough decision people face as they grow old: Figuring out when it's time to move into an assisted living facility.

At Starling, we care, and that's why we want to present our future residents and their families with important information about when it's best to move into one of our communities.

If a loved one has difficulty with the things below, it's likely time to consider a move:

+ Keeping up with daily tasks. Chores and household needs, like doing laundry or the dishes, can become difficult in our later years.

+ Driving. Watch for scary signs your loved one is having trouble behind the wheel.

+ Medications. Make sure your loved one is keeping up with prescription medications. If not, it should be taken seriously.

+ Injuries. Be aware of falls or injuries. That could mean your relative or family friend is having trouble living on their own.

+ Living safely. Is your loved one's home safe for them? If not, that should cause concern.

To learn more about Starling's assisted living communities, and how our talented and professional staff can help your loved one, please click HERE.