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Holidays are Meaningful to Starling at Nocatee Independent Living Resident

Pat Kulley has fond memories of the holidays in Florida.

"Going through St. Augustine, I lived near there, and seeing all the lights and just enjoying people," she said.

At Starling at Nocatee Independent Living, she enjoys the holidays with friends - and also enjoys all the building decor.

"They have several trees around the building, and asked the residents to participate in decorating the trees. In our craft classes, we have made decorations or things we can share with others."


While the holidays are meaningful to Pat, she tends to find ways to love Starling year round.

"I love the independence, and also the matter of choice," she said. "We can choose to do activities or join in with other people. Or we can just stay in our apartments if we wish. We are free to leave whenever. But just being able to choose. I’m going to dinner at the dining room tonight. Or I’m grabbing food to take back to my apartment. As I say, the matter of choice: What you want to do when you want to do it or choose to do nothing. That’s for me the best part."