Assisted Living

Five Fast Facts about Assisted Living at Starling at San Jose

Starling at San Jose is a luxury senior living community in Jacksonville that provides top-notch assisted living and memory care.

At Starling, we want our residents and their families to be equipped with all the information they need when making an important life decision.

Here are 5 fast facts about assisted living, benefits that our residents at Starling at San Jose take full advantage of each and every day.

+ Luxury Living. We offer unparalleled amenities that you just can't get at home. Our team is at the ready, always willing to help with daily needs like home maintenance, activities and doctor visits. We offer delicious, gourmet dining that's unlike anywhere else. We're top-notch and it shows!

+ Make New Friends. We offer abundant activities where you can mingle and socialize on a daily basis. Whether it's a fun event at the community or an outing off-site, we always have something for everyone - and there's always a chance to stay active and have fun!

+ Live Healthier. We have team members on staff who can assist you in a medical emergency - and are ready and willing to help at all hours of the day. This is a huge benefit to living that you simply can't get alone at home.

+ Affordable. Assisted living is affordable! We offer very cost effective rates that you can't get anywhere else. We save you money by not buying groceries, hiring a cleaning crew, hiring landscapers, etc.!

+ Be Happy. We encourage happy living at ANY age. Living your best life is what we strive to do, and at Starling at San Jose, that lifestyle is on display every day!