Scott and his Dad

Father's Day: Family Hit Jackpot with Starling at Nocatee, Son Says

Scott Saunders and his family looked far and wide for a place for his dad to live. When they came across Starling at Nocatee Independent Living, they knew they had hit the jackpot.

"We had seen some other independent living facilities around Jacksonville while we were looking for a place for him to move into and to say we were disappointed would be an understatement," he said. "When we came to Starling and we saw this place, that sealed the deal. We were just amazed at the amenities, the style, the layout. Everything was spot on."

His dad couldn't agree more.

"It's nice. The people living here, I got a lot of friends here now. We have dining services and a bunch of us get together and go to dinner in the evening," John Saunders said.

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His son and his family take solace knowing their dad is in a constant state of happiness.

"We're just really happy he's here. It gives us peace of mind," he said. "To celebrate holidays and events like this. His health being what he is for 88, he's pretty spry for 88!" Scott said.

As Father's Day approaches, John is appreciative of his son.

"He's always been a very big help to me. I'm just thankful - and prayed with it."