Carole and her Father

Father's Day: Daughter of Harry Pierce, Jr., Happy with Starling at San Jose

Carole Williams couldn't be happier with her dad's home: Starling at San Jose in Jacksonville.

"They've been really good," she said. "My parents moved in here a year and a half ago. They've been really good to them. My mom passed away. They take really good care of him. It's a nice place for them to live. They have a lot of activities. He gets to get out and do stuff inside of here," she explained.

What stands out most for the family of Harry Pierce, Jr., is the staff at San Jose.

"I like all of the people who work here. They're very good with all the residents," Carole said.

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As Father's Day approaches, Carole reflects on past family celebrations and is thankful for every day with her dad.

"We usually take dad out to dinner. That's usually what we've done over the years. To me, it's always just been a special day to celebrate my dad. And just a special time for him being a father. And to still have him around at 94!"