Ted Sauerbeck and Son

Father's Day: Dad Considers The Grove at Canopy 'a Resort,' Daughter Says

There's no doubt in Denise Sauerbeck-Morgan's mind that her father, Ted, loves where he lives.

"You always say it's a resort because it's so nice," she said. "He thinks it's a real resort!"

Ted agrees.

"The apartment is nice because it has all the facilities right there. They furnish you with dinner, breakfast and supper. They have different recreational events during the week," he explained.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Denise felt a constant sense of relief knowing her dad was at The Grove at Canopy.

"They still let him mingle with his friends and so on, that he had met there. And that's a big thing. We did not want him isolated because of COVID. And [Executive Director] Crystal Curvey always went out of her way to make things comfortable and happening for us. She was wonderful," Denise said.

Father's Day has great meaning to everyone in the Sauerbeck family.

"Well, Father's Day means I can celebrate being the father of a wonderful daughter [and] a wonderful son," Ted said.

Father's Day comes around just once a year, but for Denise, the celebration for her dad is ongoing.

"To me it's a big deal because my father, he lived in Michigan and Indiana for many years, away from me. So I didn't get to spend many Father's Days with him. So this is really special, since he's down here in Florida with us now. I can actually spend time with him. So yeah, I'm happy about that."