Assisted Living in Winter Park, Orlando Fl

Fast Facts About Assisted Living in Orlando Area

We care about our residents and their families, and want to make them aware of the cost of living and other features, so we've put together five fast facts about assisted living in Orlando.

- The cost of living can vary greatly. The 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Study found the average monthly cost for an assisted living community in Orlando is $4,000. The national average is around $4,500, so it's roughly $500 less living in Orlando. Memory Care can cost up to $8,000 a month, studies say.

- Orlando assisted living communities must follow a set of rules and regulations determined by the State of Florida. To learn more, visit this site:

- Seniors in Orlando, and all around Florida, can keep more of their money because Florida doesn't have state income tax. If seniors receive money from retirement accounts, 401Ks and Social Security, they aren't taxed.

- Financial help may be available for those in assisted living in the Orlando area. Depending on location, you may qualify for a state-based waiver to move into an assisted living facility.

- Keep things moving! Assisted living communities offer many ways to keep your mind and your body moving! Whether it's yoga, aerobics, arts and crafts or nature appreciation, assisted living communities have something for everyone