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Engagement Director Ready to Focus on Health, Fitness and Fun

When The Grove at Trelago opens in early 2022, Engagement Director Meg McAllister will have a laser focus on one thing: fun.

"We're anticipating having lots of fun," she said. "We want to offer lots of dynamic programs to meet each of our residents' needs, including the civic aspect, the social aspect, just kind of encompassing all kinds of different strengths of residents."

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While McAllister will spend time on enjoyable and engaging programs and activities for residents, she also understands the importance of the physical fitness aspect of their lives.

"Along with being creative and having programs and doing games and things like that, we do want to focus a lot on health and focus," McAllister explained. "We would like to have regularly scheduled throughout the day, health fitness programs, whether it be yoga, we have a great pool we can utilize to swim in," she said.

McAllister has spent years in similar environments, so she knows how to get residents motivated in the goings-on within their senior living community.

She realizes the importance of those around her helping The Grove at Trelago succeed.

"I think one of the things that really stands out for The Grove at Trelago is the team here. We're all very supportive of each other. We all want to work together to try to make living at The Grove as homely and as family-like as possible," she said. "I'm looking forward to the residents being here for sure - that's kind of what makes it! We can have a calendar, but the calendar is only just a piece of paper. We need the residents so we can have a program, and start doing the fun things we can offer."