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At Starling, we extend our deepest respect and gratitude to the valiant individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving our nation.

We recognize the distinct requirements of our esteemed veterans and are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and comfort they have rightfully earned. With the acceptance of VA Insurance, we are honored to offer premium assisted living and memory care services to our cherished veterans, ensuring they receive the dignified lifestyle they’ve earned.

Our premier assisted living community provides luxurious apartment-style features, ensuring personal sanctuaries for each resident. In our close-knit neighborhood atmosphere, the warmth of home spreads swiftly, blossoming into a vibrant senior lifestyle. Maintaining the wellness of mind, body, and spirit is crucial for nurturing social bonds. The best way to forge new friendships is through the joy of shared smiles. We understand that veterans may sometimes feel secluded; Starling is meticulously crafted to dispel such feelings from the very first step inside. Here, veterans are always remembered and honored.

Our team of seasoned professionals, including expert pharmacists, are dedicated to delivering all-encompassing healthcare services. We excel in medication management and pharmacy services, ensuring precise adherence to prescription regimens. Our commitment also extends to meeting the unique nutritional needs of our veterans, offering delectable and healthy meals customized to individual preferences, all within an elegant dining setting. Residents have access to state-of-the-art exercise equipment and hydrotherapy resources for continuous physical well-being.

At Starling, life transcends medical attention— it’s about community engagement, participating in enjoyable activities, cultivating neighborly connections, and savoring the richness of the retirement years. Our amenities are diverse, designed to appeal to a wide range of interests. From the serenity of our expansive wildlife sanctuary to the peace of our all-faith chapel, there’s an activity for every individual. The array of options includes games, live entertainment, billiards, a sports bar, creative arts, social gatherings, and a private cinema. Here, every veteran has a story to share and an audience to appreciate it.

We cherish the significance of familial bonds and thus invite family visits at any time. Our hospitable setting fosters comfortable interactions for families to create lasting memories. The insights from family members are invaluable, reflecting the synergy between our staff and residents. Veterans have sacrificed immensely for our future— our community ensures that they continue to enjoy the fruits of their bravery with their loved ones. We advocate for regular family engagements, with open access to all activities and communal dining experiences. Witness the daily joys of our veteran residents and understand why Starling stands out as the best choice for veteran assisted living and memory care.

Starling champions self-reliance and practical life skills, particularly for our veterans who may confront physical challenges due to their service. We provide convenient laundry amenities and outdoor grilling stations, fostering independence while offering support as needed. Daily personal care, dressing assistance, and routine adherence are prioritized to ensure comfort and consistency. Our staff, familiar and friendly, are the cornerstone of daily life, creating an environment where veterans can enjoy a relaxed and joyful existence. Join us at Starling, where we celebrate the bravery and sacrifices of our veterans with a community that blends luxury with heartfelt care and respect— where every day is an occasion for joy, and where VA Insurance is proudly welcomed.