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Director of Sales: 'It's Really About the People'

Carol Daniels has been busy as The Grove at Trelago's director of sales. A seasoned salesperson, she certainly knows the importance of helping others find the right fit.

"I've been in sales most of my life, but senior living for seven years," she said. "So it's my passion to help people. I love their stories. I love their commitment. And I just love to hear about them and see who they are as people."

Key selling points for The Grove at Trelago are location, staff and amenities. Carol conveys those things to prospective residents and their families, knowing that's what sets The Grove at Trelago apart from the competition.

"We have a compact building and many, many, many amenities that our competitors just don't have. We're trying to make our community different and offer many things right in the community," Carol said.

While the allure of The Grove of Trelago may be its new building and features, Carol is also focused on those who will work and live inside.

"We all understand that we're brand new and shiny and bright and have all the bells and whistles we should have because we're brand new, but it's really about the people," she explained. "Gus Astorga and I, the executive director, we've been a team for a long time so we value each other and what we're going to bring to the table, so I think when they're looking at other places, it's really the people that are going to be there to take care of mom and dad and give them a license to sleep at night."

Carol and team are ready to roll out the welcome mat as Maitland's newest senior living community.

"Our people that we're working with are super excited that it is new, and can make their own way as a group," she said.