Director of Engagement Describes Job as 'Fun, Fun, Fun'

Music often fills the air at Starling at Nocatee Assisted Living & Memory Care.

"For me, music meant a lot in my life," said Director of Engagement Jana Alexander.

Alexander uses the melodies and familiar songs to spark something in the minds and memories of the community's residents.

But, music isn't her only focus. Alexander is busy with lots of activities for residents.

"I create a program, a calendar, for the whole month, where I try to accommodate exercise as a physical activity, spiritual activity, music, crafting, arts and crafts - everything I try after a discussion with residents to put in the program," she said.

And the enjoyment shows through the smiles and laughter of the residents.

"Starling at Nocatee, it's definitely a family. We support each other, we laugh together, we help each other on an everyday basis," she said. “[This is] how to make the residents happy!"

Alexander knows she's in the right place - calling her position her dream job.

"The one word to describe my job is fun! Fun, fun, fun!" she said.

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