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Daughter: 'Facility is Beautiful; Really has a Home Feel'

At first, Mary Ann Binford seemed hesitant to move into Starling at Nocatee Assisted Living & Memory Care.

"It was a process to try to convince them that it was time to move closer to me, and something that had more support for them," Lori Lareau, Mary Ann's daughter, said.

Once her parents saw the community, they immediately knew it was the perfect fit - and fell in love.

"Until you do it, you're not gonna comprehend exactly what it's like," Mary Ann said. "Someone can tell you something, but you're not going to know it until you live it."

And live it is what they've done. Mary Ann says she enjoys the community and all the fun things that come with it.

A plus: Peaches can live with Mary Ann and her husband.

"They've been very accommodating to having the dog," Lori said. "That was really important to both of my parents when transitioning into an assisted living facility," she said.

Lori said the staff is extremely attentive to her parents' needs and are there whenever they need help or advice.

"Sometimes it takes the people close to you to know what's best for you," Lori said. "This facility is beautiful. It's easy. It really has a home feel. It's not like they left their beautiful home and ended up in a medical facility. They just ended up in a different home!" she said.

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