Caregiver From Starling at San Jose Describes why she Loves her job


Latisha Flowers started in June 2020 at Starling at San Jose, working as a caregiver in assisted living. Quickly she realized she is now part of a special community. “They do a great job of making you feel comfortable, especially the residents,” said Latisha, “the residents are amazing.” Latisha has worked with seniors for over seven years. She says she loves the work because of the connections she makes with the residents. “I enjoy getting to know everyone, everyone is so different, everyone’s situation is different, from their personalities to their characteristics. They make you feel very welcome.”

Latisha explains not only is the community welcoming, the grounds are beautiful. “It is breathtaking in a lot of aspects, from each corner of the building… It is very elegant and it is very peaceful in a lot of ways.” She says the residents love to get outside and they enjoy watching the birds and turtles from the gazebo. “There is no better place than here… because you have the care, you have the great activities for them, and they have a sense of independence,” said Latisha.

Latisha understands that everyone is still adjusting to this COVID world and she feels the entire Starling at San Jose staff is providing excellent care for the residents because of how well they work together as a team. “It’s a transition, it’s the new norm that none of us are used to, but nonetheless, it is important for us to stick together,” explains Latisha. She says working with seniors is rewarding. “Just to know that you are able to help… That’s why I come every day, because I love them.”

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