Starling Scholars Engages the Mind for Independent Living Residents at The Parkview Memphis

 | The Parkview Memphis

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Our Independent Living residents now have the opportunity to participate in an exciting in-house program called Starling Scholars. Keeping the mind active is key to a healthy lifestyle, and this is just one way we’re helping to make that happen.

Through the Starling Scholars program, we offer a variety of convenient classes each week. Classes typically take place in The Parkview Lobby and are open to the public, not just residents.

Current class offerings include:

  • Sociology
  • History 101
  • Spanish

Whether you are looking to refresh your knowledge base or learn something completely new, our instructors create an invigorating atmosphere full of valuable information. Our instructors provide engaging and sometimes unexpected content. For example, our sociology class focuses on topics like cultural aspects of the areas (Swing era, Victorian era, etc.); as well as themes such as popular diet choices, interesting habits, trends, and unique celebrations. This course also focuses on interesting days like National Donut Day, where participants learn about the history of the donut, and National Book Lovers Day.

The Starling Scholars program further enhances the hospitality-rich, maintenance-free Independent Living lifestyle enjoyed at The Parkview Memphis.

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