Why Interior Design Matters

 | Starling at Nocatee

Interior design should be an important element of any senior living community. Even if the intensive thought that goes into the design may go unnoticed initially, the lasting impact is powerful. At Starling at Nocatee, we believe the big picture of interior design mixed in unison with finer details truly makes a major difference for residents in our Concierge Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care community.

It’s our goal to make sure you live well at Starling at Nocatee in a comfortable residence that makes you feel right at home. Some of the design elements we place emphasis on to ensure you live your most vibrant lifestyle include:

Abundant Natural Light

We meticulously designed Starling at Nocatee with expansive windows and naturally bright and open spaces to create a synergy with the great outdoors. This research-based approach enhances natural sunlight throughout the indoor environment to not only increase comfort but also provide the stimulation necessary to regulate circadian rhythms.

Calming Colors

We strongly believe that color choices matter, and that’s why we embrace a color pattern that creates a soothing, tranquil environment. Color choice can influence emotions and mental stimulation, so our calming tones are meant to foster a sense of warmth and relaxation.

Large, Spacious Apartments and Common Areas

Your spacious apartment provides plenty of room to stretch out and was designed to recreate all the comforts of home. Our expansive common areas are well-designed to allow ease of mobility and social engagement with other residents in a luxurious yet comfortable setting. Regularly interacting with peers in our well-appointed amenities, at one of our vibrant events, or at your own get-togethers keeps the mind active and the spirit free.

Homey Environment

Even though our amenities are spacious and luxurious, we made sure Starling at Nocatee elicits a homey environment. Designed around the “neighborhood concept”, Starling at Nocatee thoughtfully spaces desirable common areas and amenities in clusters of nearby apartments.  As a result, you are always a short distance away, no matter where in the community your apartment is located.


Rest assured, Starling at Nocatee is specifically designed with seniors in mind. Each apartment allows for room to navigate and features zero-entry showers in each bathroom. In-unit nurse calls and wearable mobile pendants are provided so assistance is always one push of a button away. Our common areas feature wide hallways and multiple elevators evenly spaced throughout. Further, all common area furniture was customized for seniors and hand-selected by arguably the most acclaimed senior living interior design firm in the country.

If you would like to learn more about the premier Concierge Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care lifestyles and superior experiences offered at Starling at Nocatee,  please give us a call at 904-596-0880, or stop by the Sales Center at 999 Crosswater Pkwy., Ponte Vedra, FL 32081. Be sure to ask about our limited-time pricing for Founders.