How Seniors Can Stay Active During Winter Months

 | The Parkview Memphis

It’s no surprise that exercise keeps the mind and body in tip-top shape, but when the temperatures drop here in Memphis, it can be difficult for our senior residents to get outside and stay active how they usually do.

That’s why The Parkview Memphis offers a packed calendar of social events and activities year-round. When our residents, who are used to taking an afternoon stroll through Overton Park or exercising their green thumb in the garden, find it a bit too chilly to get outside, our team offers plenty to keep them busy!

We offer everything from fitness classes to happy hour socials and beyond to encourage residents to get their bodies moving and their minds active, even if their normal routine is interrupted. However, in between our regularly scheduled and spontaneous activities, there are other ways seniors can stay active and reap the benefits indoors. Keep reading!

Workout at Home

The Parkview Memphis offers spacious apartments, so our residents have plenty of room to enjoy their favorite workouts from the comfort of home. Even without weights and fancy equipment, it’s easy to get a good workout in; even soup cans and water bottles make great fitness accessories.

Attend Group Fitness Classes

The Parkview Memphis offers regular group fitness classes. At this time of year, when it seems so much more enjoyable to stay bundled up on the couch, the draw of socializing and working out can be the motivation you need.

Get Outside (But Layer Up)

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean you can’t step foot outside. However, it is important to bundle up. The benefits of soaking up some sunshine can do wonders for the mind and body, so throw on some warm clothes and get out there!

Offer to Help a Friend With Housework

Vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting might not seem like traditional workout activities, but these things can keep you active and off the couch. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you out next time!

Get Creative

Bowling and mall walking are all unconventional activities that get you moving, and ones that can be fun! Who doesn’t love people watching at the mall?

It’s not about where or how you get moving, it’s just important that you do it! Cue the jazzercise music!

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